• Immersive technology is like dreaming with eyes open.


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    Immersive technology
    is a medium, a means by which human can shrae ideas & experience.


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  • We all live every day in virtual environments, define by our ideas.

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  • Unfortunately, no one can be told what the matrix isYou have to see it for yourself.

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Our vision is "Creations for Tomorrows New World" i.e. to create technologies and products which will be critical for applications and services of the future.


To innovate continuously for the benefit of not only our clients but also society at large.

To go beyond client expectations while maintaining the highest product engineering quality and standards

To short circuit the R&D process by bridging the gap between industry needs and academic research.


Diginity is an organization driven by its values. Our fundamental values include:


We innovate continuously – for the world and from within. Innovation is our culture.

    Doing hi-tech R&D

  • -> In strong collaboration with leading academic and research institutions.

    Working smartly – to create value and wealth

  • -> Doing smart and profitable work, which helps move the world forward.

    Developing a culture of ideation and innovation

  • -> By creating and adapting new technologies, tools and processes across Diginity

Operations worldwide

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